Thanks to The Crowd

Bits of Brilliance is in the process of becoming a non-profit publishing house that produces condensed wisdom.

We have just launched and are using crowd funding to grow this amazing concept.  Please check out our campaign and support by donating and sharing our mission with others!

Crowd funding is revolutionizing the way dreams turn into reality.  If you’re not familiar with it – check out some of these articles: – Why I Left Private Equity & Started a Crowd Funding Site – Crowd Funding for Non-Profits

Some creative crowd funding ideas on GoFundMe (the site we are using to launch our dream):

A Buddhist monk has the community buy him a car

A grade school teacher raises money to buy her underprivileged kids gifts for the holidays

A daughter raises money to help her dying mom visit family for the last time

A grateful customer creates a crowd for the server in her favorite restaurant

Crowd funding is providing opportunities for us to change the way our world works.  Crowd funding uses the power of the people to get things done.   Our country is crying out for change and the crowd is responding.

If you believe we can enhance the world by producing condensed words of wisdom that help the under-served authors of the world please support our launch:

Thank you for being part of our crowd  –  we look forward to this journey with you!


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